Power-Pipe R3-42 Drain Water Heat Recovery Unit
R3 Power-Pipe Example

Power-Pipe R3-42 Drain Water Heat Recovery Unit

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The Power-Pipe® can dramatically cut water heating costs and reduce total home energy consumption by 5-10%* This system will typically pay for itself in 2 to 10 years (even faster after Government or Utility grants). The Power-Pipe's performance has been tested in accordance with the CSA B55.1 standard and independently verified by Intertek. Additionally, the Power-Pipe is safe for drinking water, requires no maintenance, has no moving parts, increases effective hot water capacity, extends water heater life, and can be used with any type of plumbing system. A Power-Pipe will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 1 ton/year for the average household.

  • Lowest cost and shortest payback among energy-saving water heating technologies
  • The R3-42 will save up to 28%* on your Water Heating Costs and is easy to install by any Plumber and most Do-It-Yourselfers
  • Includes drain connectors and connects easily to a ¾-inch fresh water line
  • Fits 3-inch drains and requires a vertical drain pipe length of 45 inches between fittings
  • Rated efficiency of 42.9%
  • 10-year limited warranty

*NOTE: According to CSA testing with the R3-60, performance is proportional to rated efficiency